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The 8 Slide Investor Pitch - A Pirate's Guidebook

Just released for 2012, I've put together this guide to help you turn your business into a compelling story investors will understand and be excited about.  Here's an excerpt from the forward of this 87 page guidebook:

From the forward of The 8 Slide Investor Pitch:

I’ve read that fewer than 2% of companies who try and raise venture capital are successful. I suspect that the percent of companies who try to raise investment from other sources aren’t much better off.

Raising money is downright hard. Someone has earned their money, and now you want them to part with it and take a chance on you. Do you really expect them to take a look at a page of numbers, stare blankly at some market data, listen to a product they won’t fully understand, and then part with their hard earned money?

What makes you seem different from the seemingly infinite number of alternative investments available to them, from other private businesses, to public company stocks, to bonds, to savings accounts, to debt instruments, to gold bullion?

I know what the answer is: Your story

Want to read more?  You can get a sneak peek at the first chapter right here.

If you hire a consultant, they'll likely charge you five figures to help you build your investor deck, and may charge a finders fee on top of that.   But, I know that with this book, you'll be well on your way for a fraction of that price.   

You'll spend hundreds of dollars, maybe thousands, on legal and accounting services as you get started.  But what do you need more, a shell company, or a method by which to raise capital?  

I've raised over $50 million dollars using the method I've outlined in this book.  I've given group seminars to hundreds of people to teach them this method.  I've provided individual coaching to dozens of entrepreneurs through this process. 

Any of these methods would cost considerably more than this book.  But now, I've packaged up the process in an easy to understand book that walks you through the process of building your investor pitch.  What is that worth to you?  Probably a whole lot more than I'm going to charge you for it.  

But I run McStartup for fun, because I like helping folks start companies.  I've written the book in the hopes of helping as many budding entrepreneurs as possible.  All I'm asking for is a fair price for the work that it was writing this book, and a little motivation to get me to write more of them in the future. 

The book is 88 pages, over 14,000 words, and it's yours for just $10 bucks. 

Buy the book and get it instantly - $10

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    The 8 Slide Investor Pitch - A Pirate's Guidebook - Blog - McStartup - tasty advice for startup companies
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    The 8 Slide Investor Pitch - A Pirate's Guidebook - Blog - McStartup - tasty advice for startup companies
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    The 8 Slide Investor Pitch - A Pirate's Guidebook - Blog - McStartup - tasty advice for startup companies

Reader Comments (2)

Looks great. I think i will get it soon.

February 20, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTDP

Jeff, I am an entrepreneur and I have worked with many entrepreneurs on business plans, and I can confirm that what you write here is so true! So many people go into the process thinking it will be easy and they are not prepared. Kudos to you for writing a book that will give people straight advice, and help entrepreneurs sell their concept to investors.

April 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLaurie DeSalvo

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